Day in Milan..

12 05 2005

Started off the trip with a day in Milan..Yup, name sounds familiar, u prolly heard it on FTv ..Only , there arent half as much miniskirts in the real version :((

Milan’s a pretty nice place, even if it isn`t really on the tourist radar..Its more a hustling bustling metro where people dont care about you , as long as you aren’t in their way , than a place where hawkers fall over themselves trying to convince you to part with some of your hard earned savings .. Someone once told me u can gauge how ‘developed’, for want of a better word, a city is from how fast the people on the street walk..Going by that rule of thumb, everyone on the streets of Milan seemed to be 5 mins late for an appointment so you do the math The strange , almost quirky , thing abt Milan is that there seems to be a tree somewhere shedding its flowers ,sending them flying , floating , drifting all over town..almost like our ‘thaatha poo’s but much lighter and smaller.. if u look closely at the full size picture you can see them floating about ( 20/20 vision would help) .. They lend a fantastic, dreamy , aura to the entire town..Almost if u`ve literally stepped into a fairy tale and there is fairy dust floating all around..umm..Romantic 🙂

Milan’s supposed to be the fashion capital of the civilised world, next to Paris.Take a walk down a street, and u see the tag is pretty much justified.. It does take a while for eyes accustomed to Naidu halls and RMK silks to take in the bevy of Chanel,Prada,Armani etc u run into everywhere u turn..U might have to blink quite a few times to believe the prices too or u might be tempted into convincing urself that u probably got the conversion rate wrong.. I tore my shoes half way thru and had to put up with it for the rest of the trip becoz the cheapest replacement cost 10,000 rupees !!! Egads ..




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