The Milan Express..

12 05 2005

The chief mode of transport in Milan, and most parts of Europe for that matter, seems to be their metros..
U dont buy tickets for destinations there, tickets are time oriented, as in u can purchase 1 for an hour or a day..
And each kind of ticket leads to a differnt type of in u have red,green and yellow tickets for durations of an hour, half a day and a day respectively..And the interesting thing is that the stations are color coded too.. for example, if u buy a 1 hour ticket , get to a red platform, and u find everythings red !..literally everything from the walls to the hand rails to the shops.. likewise for yellow and green..seemed almost like a page from Harry Potter 🙂

And these people dont seem to hold anything back grandeur wise even when it comes to their railways stations..U`ll be open mouthed at the sheer size of their doorways as soon as u get down..

Makes quite a bit of difference from our very own chennai and central 🙂
But then again, they sit on the floors of stations to have their lunch too, so guess theres not too much difference in that 😉




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