Of Glass and Lace..

15 05 2005

When u look a map of Venice , it looks pretty huge.. the railway station , when we looked at it on the map seemed miles away from the hotel where we stayed..but turns out it was just a 10 min walk !.. so, if u take a long walk, u might just end up going from one of the map to another 🙂

Venice also has 3 main islands, murano, burano and isle of Maggiore..murano and burano house 2 of Italy`s speciality industries glass and lace respectively..Makes sense to have the pollutng industries away from the city.. Now we get to the interesting part..Turns out Maggiore`s the graveyard for all of Venice !! as in no matter who dies where , they`re taken ( yup, hearses are boats too ) and buried in Maggiore..Talk abt ghost towns ! :)..Wonder y horror movie directors haven`t gotten wind of that fact yet?..

Venice is Famous for two things, glass and lace..But if u think at least those two items would be cheaper there, nope think again..the glass pieces on display in the shop windows are absolutely esquisite..but also totally expensive 😦 ..but still that doesnt stop shoppers from just standing at shop windows gawking..believe it or not , the picture on the right is an actual photo of an glass article on display.. and belive it or not, i costs 15,000 !!.. but its a nice pic, so credit to the photographer, me 🙂




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