4 Adults, 1 Child Killed in Wis. Bus Crash – Yahoo! News

17 06 2005

4 Adults, 1 Child Killed in Wis. Bus Crash – Yahoo! News

this news item, the lead story from yahoo headlines, and in many other tv new channels around this yankee land i bet.. To someone accostomed to making monthly sojourns thru ECR, all this headline does is make u pause a sec, and wait for the next line.. ok,4 people died..so ? And whats funny, for want of a more appropriate term , is that there IS no next line.. An accident with 4 casualities is deemed worthy of a news item in itself..

Another part of the same story says “The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating ” ..All for a van crash, the driver of which, incidentally ,was 78 years old !

Now, i dont want to sound like one of those uppity nit picking nris turning up their noses and picking up nits at India, but i do wonder, whats so drastically different between ECR and and the US higways? The ECRS in great comdition, as far as indian roads go, so nuthing much different on that front..could it be the cars? more second hand cars ply on the roads here than first hand ones, so i dont think thats it either..so is it the drivers? blame it on the corrupt license officials , as is the norm ? the greater traffic on the roads? or a sheer disregard for traffic sense ? Or on a wackier note, is it just mother natures way of maintaining balance in the ecosystem , ie offsetting the ever growing indian population :D?




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