Harsha`s mighty pen..

24 10 2005

Came across this from one of my favorite cricket writers, or favorite writer even , and this definitely has to go down as a classic for one of the most politely worded dressing downs ever coined .. hats off Harsha 🙂

The Editor
The Afternoon Despatch and Courier

Oct 01,2005

Sometimes the truth is boring, sometimes fantasy is alluring. Sadly you succumbed to fantasy for the truth in your lead story today is boring; very boring.
On the third day of the test match we were to do a normal post match interview with Sourav Ganguly who had scored a century that day. While we were getting ready for it, our reporter Gautam Bhimani was in the press conference, his role being to bring Ganguly to where our camera was. And so, purely by accident, he heard Ganguly being asked at the press conference about whether he had been asked to step down.
On hearing Ganguly’s answer, Gautam told the producer and me about it and so when Ganguly came along to our interview I merely asked him a question that had already been asked and which he had already answered. I knew nothing about what had transpired between him and Greg Chappell at the time.
Sadly, that is all there is to it. I am sorry to disappoint you and the writer but that is it. There is no plot, no subterfuge. I can see why fantasy was the more interesting option.
“Pawn” therefore was an unfortunate word to use for it suggests moral weakness. And the headline, given all this is untrue and a bit rude.
So can we all be decent people, learn to differentiate between truth and fantasy, ignore those that cannot and apologise if we have made a mistake? On the very page on which the suggestion was made? Suitably bold so that people can see?

Sd/-Harsha Bhogle


Of ears and pierces..

20 10 2005

What is it with gals and peircings ?? (ok, so i do know a coupla guys with their ears peirced, but hey , me`s a guy and this is MY blog so i`m entitled to the prejudice 😀 ) ..Now , why would any1 in their right mind actually want to punch a hole thru their body, or any part of it thereof ?? and actually pay for it , for crying out loud ! hell, i know people who`ve been to jail for punching holes thru bodies ..

Ok, so tradition decrees u got to have 2 piercing for ur ear-rings, that much is fine..what better way to attract a predatory male than send out light signals by the sun reflecting off your dangling dongles ( note: i talking abt ear rings, nothing else).. But why in gods name, wud u want any more??I actually know a gal with 6 holes on each ear, and the assortment of ornaments adorning each one makes it look like she has barbed wire running over them..mabye its her idea of symbolically saying “keep out , u words ! i`m not letting u in my ear” :D..
But i digress, getting back to holes in heads, now what could possibly drive this strange species called females to it ? Something tells me it couldnt possibly be in the interests of comfort .. hmm, let me ponder.. I wud have said these things were a means for the catty bi- , um, girls, to show off ( dont get it ? more holes => more sockets for gold trinkets => “ha ha, i got more jewels than u do” syndrome) , but considering the fad these days seems to be revoltingly colored bits of plastic rather than expensive gold ( parents would be heaving sighs of relief at that no doubt), thats one theory down, and i can think of any other, so my guy magnet theory holds ( until the unlikely event of any specimen of the feminine breed perchance happening upon this blog and deigning to let me in on one of their trade secrets)..so until then, let me smirk and amuse myself observing how far these demure desperate females go to attract us desirable males .. 😉