Winds of change..

22 11 2005

Wasted the week end working on this essay for the home page of my groups..It came out pretty well, so i consider it time well spent, even if i do have a hard time convincing my professors of that, considering my reviews were due 2 hrs ago 🙂 oh well, let it never be said narendran ranjit was a slave to the establishment 😉

We are the batch of 2001-05,SSNCE. The importunate first few victims of the Anna university hall of shame.

We were a motley group of individuals brought under a common classroom.
The only thing we agreed on was to disagree, be it mass bunks or hostel stays, movie plans or temple forays, year books or college tours, symposiums or get-togethers
We, were a myriad mixture of the jocks and the nerds, the kadalais and the misogynists, The Bacardi Boys and the Enchanting Eves.

But still, through the cheers and boos, through the nagging and the ragging, through the birthday bumps and semester slumps, through the Project reviews and campus interviews,
as we slept through KKTs diatribes and smarted under Vasuki`s jibes,
as we laughed through MGK`s punch dialogues , cursed CB`s scowling visage,
as we waded through Gayatri`s spit and sat through Seshu`s Sanskrit,
as we smiled over Sivamurugans ‘fefore’s and moaned over Vel`s uproars
as we continued on our merry way from being capricious juveniles to sensible adults,
Characters were built. Careers were chosen. Proposals were made. Lessons were learnt.
Some of us learnt to work. Some of us learnt to play.
Some of us learnt to think before we spoke. Some of us learnt to speak what we thought.
Some of us learnt to laugh more in life. Some of us learnt all is not laughter in life.
Hurdles were overcome. Milestones were reached.
Particularly, differences were forgotten and Friendships were forged.
Within the miniscule span of 4 short years, we laughed and we cried and we fought and we rallied and at the end of it all we emerged undaunted by Anna University’s generous arrears and on our way to become true Engineers…

United, as we once were through the common bond of SSN, separated as we now are through the vagaries of time, as each of us traverse different paths towards the same seductive goal of success, we’re bound together through this one group electronically bridging our geographical diversity. We are, and we will remain, The FreakyTechies…