Dreams die hard..

27 12 2005

Dreams are colorful, flighty balloons set adrift in the field of life..They`re made of sunshine and laughter , filled with sadness inside and tied with the thread of hope … People yearn desperately for these bubbles .. They jump at them, flail desperately at them , trying to clutch at their strings of hope.. A lucky few catch their bubbles , they play with them , delighting in the laughter and euphoria.. Others keep trying until the thread of hope runs out..Ultimately, when the bubbles burst , as is their wont, only the sadness remains ..

All balloons are sized the same..What’s different is how much they`ve been blown up..Some balloons are filled well blown their capacity, and they flop on the ground, unable to take off.. Some others are filled beyond their capacity, and they burst before they`re set adrift .. The bigger the balloon is blown the greater the surface area and hence the euphoria when they`re caught and the greater the volume and hence the sadness when they burst..

Dreams, like balloons ,have to be small enough not to burst and big enough to make them worth catching..
Dreams may fade away and dreams may die ,and the sadness they leave behind are best blown away by the winds of change..

New balloons may be made as long as the thread of Hope remains..