An artistic snap :)

13 05 2005

Just some statue.. came out good in the photo so thot i might as well put it up 🙂


Mr.Da vinci

13 05 2005

Statue of Leornado Da vinci..Of ‘Da vinci code” fame 😉 … Ironical that the mention of the name of one of the greatest artists of all time shud evoke memories of a paperback thriller than any of his works :)..or am i just speaking of myself here?

The Dome and the church

13 05 2005

Only two places in Milan which can be called tourist places, and they are the “duomo” and a church..

the duomo is an just an old palace with a dome now conerted into a shopping mall ( typical :-|)..

And the church is something else !!..the size of it has to be seen to be believed..huge and with turrents sticking out everywhere..u know, i`ve always wondered y all those ancient monuments had these sharp pointed turrets on top.. i mean, they werent in any likely danger of an aerial attack for the next 2 hundred years which was when one orville wright was born :).. and its not exactly for aesthetic purposed either…atleast, i hope not 🙂

And if the outside was magificient, the inside was no less so..Gigantic stainded class painting adorn each of the huge windows..And these were the original stained glass things, not the modern version where u just have to thro a speciaal kind of paint over the in they consist of different pieces of glass of different colors cut and fit seamlessly into a single pane.I understand just the staining of the glass into different colors is no mean feat by itself..And i was told making a single pane like this required a hundred people to sweat for a week,and there were at least 30 such panes in the church..Nice..

The Milan Express..

12 05 2005

The chief mode of transport in Milan, and most parts of Europe for that matter, seems to be their metros..
U dont buy tickets for destinations there, tickets are time oriented, as in u can purchase 1 for an hour or a day..
And each kind of ticket leads to a differnt type of in u have red,green and yellow tickets for durations of an hour, half a day and a day respectively..And the interesting thing is that the stations are color coded too.. for example, if u buy a 1 hour ticket , get to a red platform, and u find everythings red !..literally everything from the walls to the hand rails to the shops.. likewise for yellow and green..seemed almost like a page from Harry Potter 🙂

And these people dont seem to hold anything back grandeur wise even when it comes to their railways stations..U`ll be open mouthed at the sheer size of their doorways as soon as u get down..

Makes quite a bit of difference from our very own chennai and central 🙂
But then again, they sit on the floors of stations to have their lunch too, so guess theres not too much difference in that 😉

Day in Milan..

12 05 2005

Started off the trip with a day in Milan..Yup, name sounds familiar, u prolly heard it on FTv ..Only , there arent half as much miniskirts in the real version :((

Milan’s a pretty nice place, even if it isn`t really on the tourist radar..Its more a hustling bustling metro where people dont care about you , as long as you aren’t in their way , than a place where hawkers fall over themselves trying to convince you to part with some of your hard earned savings .. Someone once told me u can gauge how ‘developed’, for want of a better word, a city is from how fast the people on the street walk..Going by that rule of thumb, everyone on the streets of Milan seemed to be 5 mins late for an appointment so you do the math The strange , almost quirky , thing abt Milan is that there seems to be a tree somewhere shedding its flowers ,sending them flying , floating , drifting all over town..almost like our ‘thaatha poo’s but much lighter and smaller.. if u look closely at the full size picture you can see them floating about ( 20/20 vision would help) .. They lend a fantastic, dreamy , aura to the entire town..Almost if u`ve literally stepped into a fairy tale and there is fairy dust floating all around..umm..Romantic 🙂

Milan’s supposed to be the fashion capital of the civilised world, next to Paris.Take a walk down a street, and u see the tag is pretty much justified.. It does take a while for eyes accustomed to Naidu halls and RMK silks to take in the bevy of Chanel,Prada,Armani etc u run into everywhere u turn..U might have to blink quite a few times to believe the prices too or u might be tempted into convincing urself that u probably got the conversion rate wrong.. I tore my shoes half way thru and had to put up with it for the rest of the trip becoz the cheapest replacement cost 10,000 rupees !!! Egads ..